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We are a young company, for whom innovation and professionalism are at the forefront. Once we start a project, we believe we can fully meet the need of our clients.

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Whether you are a company or an individual, we will help you create a digital dimension to your work. As part of our continuous improvement, we also focus on modern IT technologies. Our team’s current research involving Artificial IntelligenceCybersecurity and Internet of Things materialised in the prestigious prize PatriotFest 2018. We invite you to read the description check the winning project: http://www.cybersecurityanalyzer.com/

Our team Meet best people

Our team is made up of professionals who will create the solution you need and this solution will work in the most suitable way for your business.


Tiberiu Georgescu


Tiberiu Georgescu has a PhD in Economic Informatics field. He is working in research in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Internet of Things.


Victor Ocnărescu


Victor is an experienced programmer, both as an entrepreneur and as a backend developer in large IT companies. More dedicated to the IT world than ever before.


Bogdan Posedaru


Bogdan has been active both as a businessman in several fields as well as a freelancer, working in IT. Now he is 100% focused on Chess Coders.

Toma Radu

Radu Toma


Radu is currently pursuing a master’s degree at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Also an enthusiast of learning new things!


Cristian Albescu


Cristian is still a student. However, he already gathered some experience in the IT field and he is sure to make good use of it.

Mission & Vision

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